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Synology DX517 [expansion unit]

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Synology DX517 offers simple storage capacity expansion solution for your DiskStation through its intuitive plug-n-use design. DX517 allows you to instantly scale up to 5 additional hard drives, so that you can expand RAID volume online or deploy the drives as a dedicated local backup destination for your Diskstation. Synology DX517 is backed by Synology’s 3-year limited warranty.

Instant Volume Expansion & Backup
Synology DX517 provides an easy way to scale up to 5 additional hard drives on-the-fly. The RAID volume on the host Synology DiskStation can be expanded directly without having to reformat the existing hard drives, which ensures seamless capacity expansion without service downtime.

Synology DX517 can also be used as a dedicated local backup destination for Synology DiskStation. When created as a separate volume, DX517 provides a great backup solution to its local hard disks in case of system failure.

Reliable Plug-n-Use Design
Synology DX517 is connected to Synology DiskStation by an expansion cable with custom-designed connectors on both ends. The convenient hot-swappable drive tray design ensures simple and quick hard drive installation and recovery in the event of failure or when additional drives are to be installed.

Green and Easy to Manage
Deep Sleep can be manually configured to take effect automatically when the system has been inactive for a period of time. This not only saves energy but also extends the lifespan of hard drives. DX517 will also power on/off automatically along with the attached DiskStation without handling. The operation of the DX517 is entirely integrated with DSM on the host DiskStation. This design allows full control of the whole system with your browser only.


Brand: Synology
Model: DX517
EAN code: 4711174722679
Productcode: DX517
Warranty: 3 jaar

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