EATON 9PX 3000i RT3U

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Are you looking for a powerful and reliable UPS for your company? Then the Eaton 9PX3000IRT3U might be the perfect solution for you. With an output power capacity of 3 kVA and an output power of 3000 W, this UPS is able to protect your valuable equipment against power failures and voltage peaks.

The UPS topology of the Eaton 9PX3000IRT3U is double-conversion (Online), which means that the UPS continuously supplies power to your equipment via a battery, which in turn is charged by the utility power. As a result, there is no interruption in the power supply and your equipment is always protected.

With 10 AC outlet(s), including C13 and C19 couplers, you have sufficient connection options for your equipment. In addition, the Eaton 9PX3000IRT3U has a typical backup time of 9.5 minutes at half load, thanks to the Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA) battery technology used.

The Eaton 9PX3000IRT3U has a form factor of Rackmount/Tower and has a black color. With a rack capacity of 3U, this UPS fits perfectly in your server room or data center.

In short, the Eaton 9PX3000IRT3U is a powerful, reliable and versatile UPS that protects your company against power outages and voltage peaks. Order it now and enjoy the peace of mind that this UPS offers you.


Brand: Eaton
Model: 9PX3000IRT3U
Dimensions: 440 x 485 x 130mm
Weight: 27.4 kg
EAN code: 0743172081391
Productcode: 9PX3000IRT3U
Warranty: 2 jaar

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