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LaCie 2Big Dock Thunderbolt 3, 32TB

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The LaCie 2big Dock delivers everything you expect from our products — high capacity, lighting-fast speeds, and enterprise-class drives — but it’s more than that. Port by port, slot by slot, we designed a powerful docking station that streamlines your creative space. Powered by a single cable, the LaCie 2big Dock simplifies and centralises your desktop by directly connecting to your laptop and other devices.

- SD/CompactFlash Card Slots: Directly ingest files from memory cards onto LaCie 2big Dock and quickly import photos into Adobe® Lightroom or Premiere Pro.
- USB 3.0 Hub: Charge your phone or connect a shuttle drive or digital camera to offload footage or files.
- Dual Thunderbolt 3 Ports: Power your laptop while simultaneously daisy chaining up to 5 additional LaCie 2big drives or other storage solutions.
- DisplayPort: Connect to high-resolution 720p to 1080p or 4K displays.
- USB 3.1 Port: Universal compatibility with USB-C and USB 3.0 computers via the included adaptor cable.


Brand: LaCie
Model: STGB32000400
Dimensions: 118 x 93.3 x 217 mm
Weight: 2.9KG
RPM: 7200
Capacity: 32 TB
HDD interface: Thunderbolt 3: 40Gb/s Thunderbolt 2: 20Gb/s
USB: USB-C: 5Gb/s USB 3.0: 5Gb/s
EAN code: 3660619408269
Productcode: STGB32000400
Warranty: 5 jaar

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