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LaCie 2big RAID 28TB

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The 2big RAID offers up to 28TB of reliable desktop storage. Ideal for creative professionals who need a reliable solution for photo backups and seamless video editing. The easily configurable hardware RAID 0/1 offers versatile speed, capacity and data redundancy, and LaCie RAID Manager provides notifications about the status of the drive and system. IronWolf Pro drives are suitable for fast, smooth workflows with 7200-RPM performance and long-term reliability. The hot-swappable drives are easy to replace when needed, even when the 2big RAID is in use. And if fate strikes or in the event of a natural disaster, you don't have to worry about it thanks to the 5-year Rescue data recovery services.

Professional RAID in all simplicity
- High performance: speeds of up to 440 MB/s for fast transfer of large files and seamless 4K video editing.
- Enormous capacity: up to 28 TB of storage space for large-scale projects and long-term archiving.
- Hot-swappable disks: remove and replace disks with ease, even when the 2big is in use.
- Simple RAID configuration: not yet familiar with RAID? LaCie Toolkit provides step-by-step assistance with installation. Choose RAID 0 for the highest speeds and capacity. Choose RAID 1 for data redundancy.
- Universal compatibility: thanks to the USB-C port for the latest computers and a USB 3.0 adapter, the system can be easily connected to a variety of devices.

Hardware RAID 0, 1, JBOD: Yes
LaCie RAID Manager: Yes
4K footage stored: Up to 520 hours
Maximum speed: Up to 440 MB/s
Docking options: No
Thunderbolt compatibility: Thunderbolt 3
Series connection: No.
USB compatibility: USB 3.1 (Type C), USB 3.0
Limited warranty and data recovery services: 5 Years


Brand: LaCie
Model: STHJ28000800
Dimensions: 217 x 118 x 88.5 mm
Weight: 2.9 kg
RPM: 7200 RPM
Capacity: 28TB
USB: USB 3.1
EAN code: 3660619408641
Productcode: STHJ28000800
Warranty: 5 jaar

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