Toshiba 14TB N300 NAS (HDWG31EUZSVA)

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Toshiba's 3.5-inch N300 NAS hard drive provides unprecedented reliability for NAS and other high-performance storage systems. It is optimized to meet the reliability, endurance, performance, and scalability requirements of high-capacity 24-hour x 7-day storage for personal, home office, and small business use.

Use for:

Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Desktop RAID and Servers
Multimedia server storage
Private cloud storage
Small Business Server and Storage
Designed for NAS

Through contact with NAS manufacturers, Toshiba recognizes the need for highly reliable drives to support modern data storage and retrieval requirements, including streaming, backup and archiving. Capable of supporting multi-RAID systems with up to 8 hard drives, the drive allows large amounts of data to be reliably stored and accessed by multiple customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Integrated RH sensors
Regular hard drives without RV sensors can affect the performance of a multi-bay NAS system by generating knock-on vibrations. N300 drives ensure high reliability by minimizing vibration through their advanced control and detection technology. Multiple sensors detect the least amount of shock and built-in RV sensors also compensate for rotational vibration - eliminating the possibility of knock-on vibration in multi-bay NAS configuration systems.

Reliable always-on operations
NAS systems in small businesses or creative environments often need to be accessed by several users at the same time. Therefore, today's NAS drives must deliver high data transfer rates and simultaneous upload and download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. N300 drives offer high reliability and scalability and reach maximum. 180 TB/year workload factor, up to 3 times more than convenient desktop hard drives.

High durability and heat
The use of high-quality components is one of the reasons that the N300 series offers better durability than other conventional hard drives. At the same time, automatic search speed adjustment to reduce heat during high temperature operation further improves endurance in demanding situations.

Multi-drive environment
High performance and high read speed are made possible under high data access loads of multiple users thanks to a data buffer of 512, 256 or 128 MB. This makes the drive suitable for small businesses and creative professionals seeking solutions for handling large volumes of data using multi-RAID NAS environments.

Optimizes cache allocation
Toshiba's dynamic caching technology, a standalone caching algorithm with built-in buffer management, optimizes how cache is allocated during read/write to deliver the high performance demanded by real-time domains.


Brand: Toshiba
RPM: 7200
Buffer size: 256
Capacity: 14TB
HDD interface: SATA
EAN code: 4260557512043
Productcode: HDWG31EUZSVA
Warranty: 3 jaar

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