StarWind Virtual SAN Unlimited Edition for 1 node - 1Y

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-StarWind Virtual SAN Unlimited Edition for 1 node, 1 year of Standard ASM-

Powerful, Easy-to-use, Affordable
StarWind is a pioneer in hyper converge and storage virtualization and the only all-flash hyperconvergence provider on the market. With this they offer a unique mix of simplicity, performance and affordability, but all with ultimate flexibility. Starwind's focus is to help companies create sustainable and effective IT infrastructures with minimal effort.

StarWind software
Explore the world of truly versatile and effective software products from StarWind. From the groundbreaking software-defined storage solution, Virtual SAN, to the simplistic yet multidimensional Virtual Tape Library. Whatever your needs - small deployment or enterprise - StarWind offers fault tolerance, easy management, automated object storage and cloud tiering, and more with transparent licensing at a reasonable price.

StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)
VSAN is a hypervisor-centric hardware and hypervisor-agnostic software-defined storage (SDS) solution. StarWind VSAN creates a fully fault-tolerant and high-performing storage pool built specifically for the virtualization workload.
• Perfectly compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V, vSphere ESXi, Xen-based hypervisors and KVM-based hypervisors
• Runs on standard hardware with no HCLs, while leveraging nearly 100% of the underlying storage potential
• Fault tolerance and high availability are achieved by "mirroring" internal disks and flash between hypervisor servers

StarWind VSAN is the most universal SDS solution on the market that strives to create ultra-fast and sustainable IT infrastructures, rather than just monetizing its customers, enabling them to make the most of their existing resources and needs.



Brand: StarWind
Model: Virtual SAN Unlimited Edition for 1 node, 1 year of Standard ASM
Productcode: DE-UN-VSAN-1M-21

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