QNAP QVR Pro 4 Channel License LIC-SW-QVRPRO-4CH-EI

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QVR Pro, QNAP's new surveillance solution, offers 8 built-in surveillance channels, allowing you to quickly set up a home surveillance environment hosted on your QNAP NAS without the need for additional software. Businesses can then easily expand the number of surveillance cameras (up to 128 channels) by purchasing QVR Pro licenses to build a large-scale surveillance network.

Powerful camera management and support
QVR Pro supports thousands of camera models from over 190+ brands and a range of image formats, allowing you to quickly tailor various surveillance solutions to your environments while ensuring easy camera management.

What is the difference between QVR Pro and other NAS based surveillance systems?
In the past, surveillance applications were just one of many applications on a NAS. There was no dedicated storage for surveillance recordings and usually system performance was limited, making it unsuitable to meet the requirements of professional surveillance systems. QVR Pro, QNAP's brand new surveillance application, introduces the concept of "dedicated storage space" to ensure that the storage space is fully reserved for QVR Pro and system performance is not adversely affected by other applications on the NAS.

QVR Pro includes eight camera channels as standard. Users can add camera channels by purchasing the QVR Pro Camera Channel Extension License (QVR Pro - 1, 4 or 8 channels).

QVR Pro Gold is aimed at business users who need the full range of advanced features of QVR Pro.

The maximum number of supported channels varies by NAS model, network configuration and camera settings. For more information, go to:https://www.qnap.com/go/qvr-nas-selector



Brand: QNAP
Productcode: LIC-SW-QVRPRO-4CH-EI

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