Synology DVA1622

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Synology NVR DVA1622 is a 2-bay desktop recording server that gives home and small business users access to fast, smart, and accurate video surveillance powered by deep learning-based algorithms. Built-in automated event detection helps safeguard properties by detecting people, vehicles, or objects and alerting staff when self configured rules or thresholds are breached

Complete Surveillance Solution With Built-in AI Capabilities
The DVA1622 makes powerful AI-enabled surveillance available for everyone in a compact solution that includes everything you need to create an efficient surveillance system.

• Cover all angles: Record and manage up to 16 IP camera feeds

• Leverage deep learning: Run 2 simultaneous real-time video analysis processes or 1 facial recognition task

• Licenses included: Add up to 8 IP cameras without purchasing additional licenses

• Direct video output: Simply plug a monitor into the built-in HDMI port to watch surveillance feeds without a separate PC or mobile device

• Local management: Set up, manage, and control your deployment locally by attaching a keyboard and mouse

Everything You Need in Monitor Center
Quickly view your business or home from all angles, see where and when issues were detected, or spin back time to get to the bottom of things without ever leaving your main overview.

• Combined view: Monitor feeds in real time and seamlessly scrub through the timeline to investigate events, all in the same interface

• Flexible layout: Drag and drop, resize, and even swap video feeds freely to create a monitoring dashboard that fits your needs

• I/O widgets: Move essential controls to your dashboard to easily initiate actions, such as activating sirens and speakers or locking and unlocking doors

• Automated alerts: Keep a real-time list of detected events across your deployment conveniently on hand and click to synchronize all camera playbacks to each time point

Better Situational Awareness With Maps
Dynamic maps not only help you determine camera and event locations, but also provide instant access to video feeds for more efficient site monitoring

• Multi-location alerts: Preview triggered events directly on the map with automatic zoom features to bring the most important views into focus

• Multi-floor layouts: Group floor plans together for a clearer understanding of where cameras are located and events happen

• Online map integration: Directly overlay your cameras and building layouts onto Google Maps or OpenStreetMap for better situational awareness even across multiple or larger sites

Actionable Insights and Automated Actions
Advanced deep learning-based algorithms built into the DVA1622 convert unstructured video data into business intelligence and security insights, to bolster and automate security.

• Facial recognition: Instantly identify people from a custom database with an accuracy of 97.04%

• People and vehicle detection: Notify admins when people or vehicles loiter in a predefined area, such as a no-parking zone or near a storefront

• People and vehicle counting: Count the number of people or vehicles entering and leaving an area using bidirectional counters for safety or analysis purposes

• Intrusion detection: Detect when people or vehicles cross a perimeter line and issue alerts to warn of potential intrusions

• License plate recognition: Monitor vehicles entering and leaving your premises, with the option to preconfigure different automated actions for allowed or blocked vehicles

• Congestion alerts: Avoid overcrowding in designated areas by detecting when the number of people transiting or staying within a self-defined perimeter crosses a set threshold

• Face mask detection: Detect whether people wear face masks and be notified in case of violation

Powerful Video Management Platform
Powered by Synology Surveillance Station running on Synology DSM, the DVA1622 offers powerful and convenient video recording, management, and analysis capabilities while making deployment of new or existing cameras fast and efficient.

• Complete data ownership with zero subscription fees: All DVA1622 recordings are privately stored on the unit itself, free of charge

• Works with more than 8,300 cameras: Avoid vendor lock-in. Choose from a wider range of camera options to suit your requirements with ONVIF support1 and rapidly add or migrate devices in batch

• Remote monitoring and control: Access your surveillance system from anywhere with browser-based access, desktop clients, and mobile apps

• Automation & notification: Set up custom actions when predefined events occur, such as taking snapshots when motion is detected or opening a door when the system recognizes faces from the database. Get notified with e-mail, SMS, or push notifications so that you can respond in a timely manner

• Secure streams and storage: Use HTTPS and SRTP capable cameras to protect video streams against eavesdropping, and encrypt video recordings with a special password to limit access to archives

Central Surveillance Management
Monitor, manage, and protect multiple Synology Deep Learning NVR and NAS systems from a single interface as part of a larger surveillance network over multiple sites with Surveillance Station Centralized Management Server (CMS).

• Centralized monitoring: View and analyze streams from cameras connected to any of your recording servers in your central management host’s Monitor Center

• Remote updates: Check for and remotely install updates on all your systems directly from CMS for both offline and online servers

• Recording failover: Configure N+M failover to automatically switch over recording tasks to alternative servers in case of emergency for maximum service availability

• Data protection: Back up footage between servers with Archive Vault or use Dual Recording to record footage on two servers simultaneously


Brand: Synology
Model: DVA1622
Dimensions: 166 mm x 106 mm x 223 mm
Weight: 1.51 kg
Capacity: 6 GB DDR4 non-ECC
Interface: Intel Celeron J4125 4-core 2.0 burt up to 2.7 GHz
HDD interface: 2x 3.5" SATA HDD
USB: 2x USB 3.0 Port
LAN: 1x RJ-45 1GbE LAN Port
EAN code: 4711174724680
Productcode: DVA1622
Warranty: 3 jaar

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