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The quad-core TS-431KX includes four drive bays for large-capacity storage and memory expansion up to 8 GB of RAM. With the built-in 10GbE-SFP + port, the TS-431KX delivers a large bandwidth required for intensive data transfer. Combined with the QNAP 10GbE switch, you can easily build a fast 10GbE network environment for an affordable budget. The TS-431KX provides comprehensive local, off-site and cloud backup and supports snapshot technology to help establish a reliable backup and recovery plan. In the event of a system crash or accidental deletion of files, you can quickly restore the system to its normal state. The TS-431KX comes with lockable drive bays so that the drives cannot be accidentally removed or dropped and cause data loss.

- The single port 10GbE connectivity improves the transfer rate for intensive data transfers and shortens the backup time.
- HBS (Hybrid Backup Sync) can back up data and synchronize it with other NAS, servers and cloud storage for comprehensive backup and recovery.
- Snapshots fully store status and data, helping you protect files and data from accidental deletion and malware attacks.
- Supports LXC and Docker® containers for quickly installing application services across platforms, including the cloud, servers, and PCs.
- The hot-swapping design allows you to remove disks without shutting down the NAS, keeping the NAS accessible.
- Supports VJBOD (Virtual JBOD) technology to expand the storage space of another QNAP NAS.


Brand: QNAP
Model: TS-431KX
Dimensions: 161 x 160 x 219 mm
Weight: 2,03 kg
Capacity: 2GB DDR3L SODIMM (1 DIMM slot, Max. 8GB)
HDD interface: 2.5"/3.5" SATA 6Gbps
USB: USB3.0 x 3
LAN: 1 x 10GbE SFP+ & 2 x GbE
EAN code: 4713213516782
Productcode: TS-431KX

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