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Seagate 16TB Exos X16 SAS HDD ST16000NM002G

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Scalable, Responsive, Innovative.
For hyperscale applications, there is the Exos X, the most powerful way to access the data sphere and exploit the full potential of the cloud. Exos X16 hard drives for the business market have the latest technology integrated to support cloud data centers scalably, securely and reliably. The hard drives of the Exos X series are specially designed for use in extremely scalable environments where low energy consumption and low weight are required. They deliver consistent performance to meet the strictest total cost (TCO) requirements of most cloud data centers.

- 12.8 PB storage space in a 42U rack with helium seal technology
- Industry-leading stable data speed of 261 MB/s
- Random write performance of 440 IO/s
- More user-friendly thanks to FastFormat
- Lower TCO with a low weight of 670 g and an energy consumption of 0.31 W/TB
- 550 TB/year - 10x the workload classification of desktop disks
- Seagate Secure encryption technology

Most suitable applications:
- Hyperscale applications/cloud data centers
- Huge, scalable data centers
- Big data applications
- RAID storage with high storage density
- Commonly used external storage arrays for the business market
- Distributed file systems, including Hadoop and Ceph
- Backup and recovery for companies: D2D, virtual tape
- Centralized monitoring


Brand: Seagate
Model: ST16000NM002G
RPM: 7200RPM
Buffer size: 265MB
Capacity: 16 TB
Interface: SAS 12Gb/s
EAN code: 0763649124161
Productcode: ST16000NM002G
Warranty: 5 jaar

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