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With drives with a capacity of up to 12 TB, WD Red offers a comprehensive range of solutions for customers who want to build the largest, best performing NAS storage solution. The WD Red disks are developed for NAS systems with one to eight positions so that you have the power to store your valuable data in one unit. With WD Red you are prepared for the future.

The disk for NAS
Desktop disks are usually not tested or designed for the loads of a NAS system. Make the right choice for your NAS and choose the drive with the right features so that your data is properly protected and optimum performance is maintained.

Built for NAS compatibility
WD Red hard drives with NASware 3.0 technology are specially designed to provide balanced performance and reliability in NAS and RAID environments.

Keep it cool
The temperature can rise considerably in a NAS or RAID environment that is continuously active. WD Red hard drives have been developed to do their job cool and quiet and for optimum compatibility for demanding, permanently active environments.

3D Active Balance Plus
Helps ensure that your data remains protected against vibrations and noise in a NAS or RAID environment. This dual-plane balance check helps to maintain the performance of your hard drive over time.

Top support and a limited three-year warranty
Trustfully upgrade to the best possible NAS performance with the assurance of a three-year limited warranty and world-class support services included with every WD Red hard drive.

Active environment day and night
Because your NAS system is always switched on, a reliable drive is crucial. Desktop disks are usually not designed and tested in environments that are active day and night. However, this does form the foundation of WD Red hard NAS drives.


Brand: Western Digital
Model: WD120EFAX
Weight: 660.00 Gram
RPM: 5400 RPM
Buffer size: 256MB
Capacity: 12000GB
HDD interface: SATA 6 Gb/s Interface
EAN code: 718037866260
Productcode: WD120EFAX
Warranty: 3 jaar

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