Synology Device License Pack x 4

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Synology Surveillance Device License Packs are designed for expanding cameras and I/O modules set up on Synology Surveillance Station. By default, two device licenses are installed on a DiskStation or RackStation. However, running on Virtual DSM or Docker DSM, Surveillance Station does not include any default device licenses.

By applying a license key on the Surveillance Station user interface, you will be able to set up and manage more devices on the network. Most of the time, each IP camera and I/O module will only require one license. However, there are some cameras that have different billing methods. Please see the section below for more details.

To find out the maximum number of IP cameras and I/O modules supported on each Synology product, please refer to the specifications of each model.

Check the maximum number of cameras for your model Synology.

Please note: this product beholds 1 single code to activate 4 extra camera's on one synology. It can not be splitted.


The newest release of Surveillance Station can now support I/O modules. Synology merged I/O module license into IP Camera license, so the naming of the license pack is changed from Camera License Pack to Device License Pack. It follows the exact Camera License Pack rule so the product is the same.

It could be possible you receive the product named Camera License Pack, which is exactly the same product as the Device License Pack. 


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Productcode: DEVICE LICENSE (X 4)

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