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Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-8XP

No longer available.

The Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8 XP is a professional switch with 8 Gigabit LAN ports with Power over Ethernet. This allows you to power connected Ubiquiti equipment (and other 24V / 48V devices). Set yourself per port whether it should deliver 24V or 48V PoE.

4V PoE switch with sturdy housing
Connect your Ubiquiti devices and other network equipment to the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8 XP, an 8-port Gigabit PoE switch. The EdgeSwitch 8 XP delivers a total capacity of 150 watts and automatically powers connected devices. Each port can be set individually to 24V or 48V ..

The Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 8 XP is managed via a well-arranged web interface, which gives access to various L2 management functions. For example, you can read the status of each port, configure VLANs or enable Jumbo Frames. Finally, this switch can take a beating thanks to the extra strong metal tube with a rubber coating.

- 8 x Gigabit LAN with Full PoE
- PoE standard: 24V/48V passive
- PoE budget: 150 watts
- Each port can be set individually
- Web interface configuration
- VLAN support
- Metal and rubber housing


Brand: Ubiquiti
Model: ES-8XP
EAN code: 0817882024570
Productcode: ES-8XP
Warranty: 2 jaar

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