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Synology Adapter 60W_1

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Synology Adapter compatible with:

  • DS209 DS212 DS215j
    DS209j DS212+ DS216se
    DS209+ DS213 DS216play
    DS209+II  DS213+ NVR216
    DS210j DS213air DS216
    DS210+ DX213 DS216j
    DS211j DS213j DS216+
    DS211 DS214 DS216+II
    DS211+ DS214se




    DS214play     NVR1218     

    DS218j          DS218play


    No power connector is included with this adapter


Brand: Synology Spareparts
Model: Adapter 60W Level VI
Dimensions: 11.3 x4.9 x3.5cm
Weight: 0.28 kg
EAN code: 4711174729128
Productcode: ADAPTER60W_1

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