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Netgear APS300W Power Module

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APS300W ProSAFE Auxiliary Power Supply
Adds a second power supply to M7100, M7300 switch series and WC7600, WC9500 Wireless Controllers.
One PSU comes pre-installed in M7100 / M7300 series switches and WC7600 / WC9500 wireless controllers. Another APS300W in second PSU bay brings redundant, hot-swap power supplies functionality to these products.
  • Provides a second redundant power supply to M7100 and M7300 switch series
  • Provides a second redundant power supply to WC7600 and WC9500 wireless controllers
  • Fits into the second power supply bay
  • Hot-swappable


Brand: Netgear
Model: APS300W-10000S
Dimensions: 304 x 76 x 241 mm
Weight: 1,59 kg
EAN code: 0606449075052
Productcode: APS300W-10000S

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