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VSM-2000 Centralizing Sites with Ease

QNAP VioStor CMS is a Linux-embedded turnkey solution to centrally monitor, manage, and configure distributed NVRs, cameras, and events at multiple locations. A truly unified platform for projects of various sizes, it is designed to help those with the following roles to manage projects easily and efficiently:

Control center operators or managers can maintain overall control of areas for which they are responsible, receive event notifications, and respond in a correct, timely manner when events occur

Event examiners can retrieve video footage of events efficiently

Project installers can configure the system quickly and intuitively, with less time for setup

Turnkey Solution
QNAP CMS server is a Linux-embedded turnkey solution, with other needed services built-in, such as database SQL server. This makes the installation of the QNAP VioStor CMS easily and intuitively - just run the CMS server Quick Configuration, install the CMS client software on a PC, then it’s ready to log into CMS server from the CMS client. QNAP develops both the hardware and software solution in house, tuning the collaboration between hardware and software to the finest point, thus brining the optimal performance of the CMS system.

Centralized Event Management
At big sites, a large number of cameras, devices, recording servers, etc. are usually distributed widely at great intervals. This can be a challenge for control center operators to monitor the status of all devices, especially when an event occurs. VioStor CMS helps overcome the challenge by providing several features such as E-map based event alert. When an event occurs, there will be red indicators on e-map to show the event location, and by double-clicking the camera icon, live video of the event will pop out. The e-map layers are unlimited, and e-map links are multi-directional.

Centralized Device Management
One of the most challenging tasks in a large project is the configuration of numerous NVRs and cameras. VioStor CMS helps the project installer to monitor and configure the devices in the system easily from a central location. This significantly reduces set-up time and enhances efficiency.

Flexible Central Monitoring for fast focusing
In a large-scale project, a great number of camera channels need to be displayed on several monitors. Control center operators need a flexible, customizable tool to help them monitor these many channels, and quickly focus on the specific channels.

VioStor CMS has a customizable monitoring layout, which allows the users to freely mix and match e-map and camera videos in different slots of a view. Each slot can include multiple camera videos to form a sequence. By doing so, the non-critical channels can all be displayed in sequential mode, while keep the critical channels always displayed.


Brand: Qnap
Model: VSM-2000
Dimensions: 150 (H) x 102 (W) x 216 (D) mm,
HDD interface: 2 x Hot-swappable HDD and lockable tray (2.5' or 3.5')
LAN: 2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
EAN code: 4712511124828
Productcode: VSM-2000
Warranty: 2 jaar

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