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QNAP QSW-804-4C Switch

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The QNAP QSW-804-4C is an 8-port 10GbE unmanaged switch, allowing you to instantly upgrade your network environment at a cost-effective price. The QSW-804-4C supports 10GBASE-T and NBASE-T standards, allowing you to take advantage of higher network speeds with your existing Cat 5e and 6a cables. Both SFP+ (fiber) and RJ45 (copper) ports are available (with 4 combo ports) for servicing a range of network needs. Compliant with IEEE 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet, EEE), the QSW-804-4C is energy efficient as well. With high performance, low latency and superb functionality, the QSW-804-4C is the ideal choice for upgrading your home or business network to support 10GbE connections.
With NBASE-T support, existing cables can be used. Backwards compatibility is provided for legacy devices.
With a combination of SFP+ (fiber) and RJ45 (copper) ports, most devices can take advantage of 10GbE connectivity provided by the QSW-804-4C.
IEEE 802.3az (EEE) helps to reduce power consumption for low-speed and inactive connections.


Brand: QNAP
Model: QSW-804-4C
Dimensions: 233 x 43 x 285 mm
Weight: 2.94 KG
LAN: 8port 10Gbps Switch, 4 SFP+, 4 SFP+ and RJ 45 Combo Port
EAN code: 4713213513248
Productcode: QSW-804-4C
Warranty: 2 jaar

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