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ASUSTOR Camera License (4 Channels)

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ASUSTOR Camera 4CH License
1.The maximum number of camera channels is determined by the test results of each channel (based on 720P (1280x72)、30 FPS、H.264). Actual performance may differ according to camera settings and NAS load conditions.
2.In order to provide optimal and stable resources for the surveillance system, Surveillance Center’s local display function will be disabled after the camera channel expansion function has been enabled.
3. Each license key may only be used with one ASUSTOR device at a time.
4. You may not distribute copies of the license key to third parties.
5. Please keep the license key in a safe place. In case of loss or damage, ASUSTOR will not provide a replacement.


Brand: Asustor
Model: License(4Channels)
EAN code: 4710474839407
Productcode: License(4Channels)

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