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Do more with 2.5 GbE and Nimbustor 24. The number 1 device for storage in the cloud for enthusiasts!

- Two 2.5 GbE ports with low latency and up to 5 Gbps under connection aggregation
- Up to 56 TB. Save live streams on your NAS
- An overwhelming 4K experience
- 4 GB DDR4-2400 - 30% faster than DDR3
- Intel Celeron quad core CPU - 30% faster than the previous generation.
- Three-year warranty, the best in its class

The Nimbustor 4 uses the Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4105 dual core CPU and is 30% faster than Apollo lake. The Celeron J4105 also doubles the on-chip cache to 4 MB, making the Nimbustor 4 one of our four fastest NAS devices ever.
The Nimbustor 4 comes with 2 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM and can be upgraded to 8 GB. DDR4 RAM delivers up to 30% better performance than DDR3 while at the same time reducing energy requirements by 40%.
The Nimbustor 4 has two 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet ports. Enables up to 150% faster performance than Gigabit Ethernet with compatible hardware and up to 5 Gbps with connection aggregation.

ASUSTOR NAS devices also offer live stream recordings of up to 4K HDR that can be saved directly to a NAS without affecting game performance. For gamers who do not have large hard disks, for LAN parties and internet cafes, ADM offers iSCSI to store less demanding titles that can be played simultaneously on multiple devices. YouTube and Twitch as cloud platforms are not always reliable with long-term archiving of material and videos can be erased without prior notice. That is why ASUSTOR provides Takeasy, an app that downloads videos from YouTube and Twitch for archiving purposes and can automatically download all public content from a specific channel.

The Nimbustor 4 supports a maximum of 56 TB, respectively, making it possible to produce large live streams and videos. Supplement the recording of games with a NAS. Not enough? Expand the Nimbustor with up to three AS6004U expansion units for a total of 168 TB.
The Nimbustor features HDMI 2.0a with 10-bit 4K hardware decoding, HEVC decoding and VP9 10-bit Profile2 decoding for a smoother experience and lower CPU usage. Use Plex Pass or a third-party player to view 4K HDR videos.
Diamond-cut exterior with gaming-inspired elements. ASUSTOR’s Nimbustor has a diamond-cut exterior with new gaming-inspired elements. Hard disk installation is easy with the included holders that do not require any tools, while hot swapping is also supported.
The Nimbustor 4 gives only 19 dB of sound in standby, making the device even quieter than a mouse. An active ASUSTOR NAS emits only a maximum of 32 dB of sound, making an ASUSTOR NAS suitable at home and in the office.
Every ASUSTOR NAS is developed and suitable for 24/7 use. ASUSTOR NAS devices have also undergone rigorous testing, such as drop and fire tests, to test durability under extreme conditions. Heat conductors have been added to sensitive components to dissipate the heat, thereby extending the life of the device.

The design of an ASUSTOR NAS provides an efficient device for file storage. With better energy savings and efficiency than most desktop PCs, an ASUSTOR is one of the greenest ways to save files. ADM provides better control than ever for saving energy and money by reducing the electricity bill and extending the life of components and internal hard drives. The Nimbustor 4 uses only 10½ W when idle and 17 W under load, making an ASUSTOR greener than ever.


Model: AS5304T
Dimensions: 170(H) x 174(W) x 230(D) mm
Weight: 2.2 kg/4.85 lbs
Capacity: 4GB SO-DIMM DDR4
Interface: Intel Celeron J4105 Dual-Core 2.0 GHz (burst up 2.7GHz) Processo
HDD interface: 4 x SATA3 6Gb/s; 3.5/2.5 HDD/SSD
RAID: Single disk, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10
USB: USB 3.2 Gen 1 x3
LAN: 2 x 2.5GigaLan
EAN code: 4710474831203
Productcode: 90IX0181-BW3S10
Warranty: 3 jaar

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