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HGST 6TB SAS 64MB Ultrastar (HUS726060ALS640)

No longer available.
HGST delivers the world’s first hermetically sealed, helium hard drive, the Ultrastar® He6 for massive scale-out environments. Why does helium make a difference? Helium has only one-seventh the density of air. Replacing air with helium inside a hard drive dramatically reduces the turbulence caused by the spinning disk, cuts power consumption and results in a lower temperature within the disk drive.

The reduction in turbulence for the spinning disk allows HGST to offer a seven-disk design in a traditional 3.5-inch form factor. In addition to being the world’s first helium-filled hard drive, HGST Ultrastar He6 is also the first hard drive in the industry to offer a 6-terabyte capacity. This design delivers a 50% capacity gain and still reduces the energy needed to run the drive by up to 23%.


Brand: HGST
Model: Ultrastar He6 HUS726060ALS640 SAS 6Gb/s
Dimensions: 101.6(+/-0.25)x147
Weight: 0.640 Kg
RPM: 7200
Buffer size: 64
Capacity: 6 TB
Items per Collo: 20
EAN code: 8717306631426
Productcode: 0F18370
Warranty: 5 jaar

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